Realtime on-shift location and task tracking of your resident and remote nurses accross the globe. Halfbrain also provides two-way voice and video communication with automated video and voice recognition for identity validation.

What is Halfbrain?

Halfbrain is a tool used by public services health administrators and home health care providers to track and validate that remote and home health care providers are on-site when they are always supposed to.

The features provided by Halfbrain are;

- phone time clock
- gps check-in
- dynamic geo-fencing
- video check-in
- video log
- medication administer log

Phone Time Clock:

- From the patient's phone the health care provider calls the time Halfbrain time-clock system and after validating his pre-asigned Halfbrain number the time is logged and accessible on the Halfbrain dashboard.

GPS Check-In:

- gps check-in is when the time stamp the gps tracker on the health-care giver's mobile device arrives at the patient's address.

Dynamic Geo-fencing:

- Halfbrain's mobile app on the Care giver's mobile device uses the gps tracker to overlay on the gps point of the care receiver's gps location. With Halfbrain's geo-fencing a healthcare provider's manager will immediately know when the care giver leaves the recipient's proper for whatever the purposes are and for how long.

Video Check-In

- Halfbrain's video check-in provides the home health-care provider manager the ability to check-in remotely and visually with the health care giver while reducing the number of driving trips to the care recipient's to validate care giver's availability.

Video Log

- this tool will trigger either random or scheduled alerts on the care giver's mobile device and walk the user through creating a 60 Sec video log.

Medication Administer Log (certification may be required)

- this tool will allow the care giver to log administration of medication to the care recipient from the Mobile Device.
The meds and their schedule will be loaded on the care giver's device from the Halfbrain web portal.